About studio

We are Raca Design Studio. We’ve been creating what we believe in since 2010, that is: composition based on simplicity, unconventional solutions, natural materials and attention to every detail. We design unique and highly personalised, durable forms & spaces.


Our studio consists of a group of young people, specializing in interior design, holiday cottage design, low-scale residential architecture, furniture and other functional forms.

Michał Raca
Studio Owner, Architect & Designer
Katarzyna Rosa
Aleksandra Wiśniewska
Interior Designer

We are passionate about all aspects of the design process and we combine them in all our projects. We execute individual orders, adopting the client’s requirements to the available space, making them perfectly tailored to fit.

Our ideas are implemented comprehensively. We cooperate with lead designers, architects, graphics, contractors and carpenters on a daily basis, so that the end product is closest to perfection.

How we work & process

It is our passion to inspire our clients and to develop designs exceeding their expectations. Our philosophy is to create unique designs, which not only reflect the dreams of our clients, but also improve their lives.


Furniture and other functional forms designed individually for each project, constitute perfect supplementation of our interiors and architecture. These unique forms make each of our projects one of a kind.


We start the design process of a building from identifying the client’s needs, in order to provide best solution for the function that is to be transferred to three-dimensional space in the following step. The form and function are integral. The design is developed in close cooperation with the interior design team, which guarantees deliberate spatial planning, interwoven materials, colors, interior and exterior finishing of a building.

Interior Design

Core component of our projects is the idea, which permeates the entire interior, composing a homogenous whole. Starting from a functional layout, ending with personalized details and materials, each element of the interior is carefully considered and matched.

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